Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
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ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन करके ही खाटू धाम में मिल पाएंगे श्याम जी के दर्शन

Khatu Shyam ji is a Famous God of current time (Kaliyuga). Many years ago Lord Krishna gave him the boon to be worshiped at current time when Veer Barbareek sacrificed his head in the way of religion.Lord Krishna delighted with Barbareek's great sacrifice (Sheesh Daan), granted him the boon that when Kaliyug (Present times evil times) come downs, he would be worshiped by the name of Shyam in his form. he is also called Sheesh Ke Daani (Donor of head) in his Devotees. He fulfills all wishes of his pilgrims whose have true heart . Shyam baba is also known Haare ka Sahara (Helper of Losers) This website is based on ScandPuran written by Maharshi VedVyas. In this epic Mother and fater is mentioned as Maa Morvi and Ghatochkach . Pandav Bheem is considered Grand Father of Veer Barbreeka.

खाटू श्याम जी हिंदी वेबसाइट
Scand Puran

The main holy place of Morvinandan shyam is at khatu nagari (District Sikar State Rajasthan) but his khatu temples is resides almost all part of India .you can visit his other temples in all over India

This khatu shyam ji website has become a common devotional platform among all


bhakts where they share their views and events related to Lakhdatar

Shyam baba blessed his devotees and fulfill their wishes who worshiped him with full of love and believe.

Note : This website is not official website , We launch it to help shyam bhakt to gain information .
Khatu Shyam Ji Temple
shyam temple at khatu sikar. The Main Temple Where millions Pilgrims take the sight of Baba Shyam .
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Shri Shyam baba Temple Khatu Town Sikar Rajasthan

Shri khatu shyam ji's very famous temple in sikar district . More than 40 lakh bhagkts come to take the sight and getting blessings of him from all over the world throughout a year. It is considered that first temple is made by king Roopsingh Chauhan ruler of Khatu and his wife Narmada Kanwar. King Roopsingh Chauhan got a dream where he was asked to built his temple after digging shyam sheesh from one of kund at khatu .

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