Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
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Nishan Yatra

What is Nishan Yatra Journey of Khatu Shyam

Nishan yatra is one of famous journey of Khatu Shyam ji . It is done on foot steps holding and caring a keshariya Flag Called Nishan .

Pilgrims reach at Ringas Town and buy Nishan from Shops . After that they stay in Dhramsala or hotel and take bath . The special worship is done to this Flag . They perform aarti of shyam baba and then start their journey to Khatu Shyam Temple . in the way they full care of this Holy flag . They chant Shyam baba jaykara .

After completing this Nishan yatra journey . They offer it to sheesh ka daani in context of his head sacrifices .

What is Nishan :

nishan yatra of khatu

This is holy flag and having color Kesariya , Orange Red . They have Krishna and shyam baba Pictures and chants . One Coconut and feathers of peacock are also tied to it . Now a days many devotee offers gold and silver nishan to him .

When Nishyan Yatra at the top

Nishan yatra is mostly arranged in Falgun Shukl Month mostly comes in february or march . Almost 10 Lalk Nishans are presented to Khatu Shyam Mandir .

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How to Reach at Khatu Shyam Temple

Place to visit in Khatu shyam Temple