Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
06 January 2021 Darshan 01 January 2021 Darshan साल के अंतिम दिनों में कब कब खुलेगा श्याम मंदिर 25 December Ekadashi 2020 Darshan Day By Day Darshan

Every Dwadshi of Shukl Paksh of any month or whenever you want to do Baba Kirtan, after sweeping the floor and cleaning of utensils etc. Prepare Kheer (Rice) & Churma. When it is ready keep it at the place where you want to have Satsang or Kirtan. At the same place put Shri Khatu Shyam Ji's Photo or Shri Krishna's Picture. Also keep Shri Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji's pictures. Basic Rules To be followed During Bhajan & Kirtan.
 Khatu Shyam ji Worship Method
Basic Rules shound be followed  During Shyam Baba 's Worship :

1. During Kirtan keep yourself neat & clean.

2. After offering Dhoop / Deep / Flowering sit in front of Shri Khatu Shyam Ji with other devotees.

3. Do not talk during bhajan / kirtan.

4. Do not smoke during satsang.

5. Do not laugh if any of your shyam devotee is not singing properly rather encourage him.

6. Due to some urgency if you have to go, please go away silently.

7. Sit wherever you get place.

8. During satsang avoid sleeping / going again and again is not desirable and it disturbs shyam devotees.


 Nishan ( Flag Role in Khatu Temple during Worship Part -1 )

 Nishan ( Flag Role in Khatu Temple during Worship Part -2 )



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