Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
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Q. : 3  Why shyam ji is called present time ( kalivug ) God ?

Ans : His great sacrifice(Sheesh Dhan), granted him the boon By Lord Krishna that when Kaliyug come downs, he would be worshipped by the name of Shyam in his form. His devotees would be blessed just by pronouncing his name from inside  their hearts. Their wishes would be granted and jobs would be completed if they worship Shyamji with a true heart and with great piety and believe. 

 Q . : 4   What is the method of khatu shyam ji worship ?

Ans : Every Dwadshi of Shukl Paksh of any month or whenever you want to do Baba Kirtan, after sweeping the floor and cleaning of utensils etc. Prepare Kheer (Rice) & Churma. When it is ready keep it at the place where you want to have Satsang or Kirtan. View more...

Q. :  5  Which is the main prayer of khatu shyam ji ?

Ans :  The main prayer is written below :

          Om jai shree shyam hare, baba jai shree shyam hare
          Khatu dham birajat, anupam roop dhare, om jai shree shyam hare…
          Ratan jadit singhasan, sar per chanvar dhule
          Tan kehariya bago, kundal shravan pade, om jai shree shyam hare…

          View more...

 Q. :  6  Why  khatu town known main place of  God khatu shyam ji. ?

Ans :   After the Mahabharata battle, Barbarika’s head (Sheesh) was buried in the village ( Khatu ) in Sikar District . The location was obscured until well after the Kaliyuga period began. Then, on one time, milk started flowing suddenly out of a cow’s udder when she neared the burial spot. surprised at this incident, the local villagers dug the spot the buried head of Barbarik was discovered.    View more...

 Q. : 7  How can I write and share my own  blog upon khatu shyam ji ?

Ans : At you can easily make your own blog and get response to other shyam bhagats.

For it you must have and account and the click on blog of View more...

 Q. : 8  Which are  another holy spot in khatu village ?

Ans :  There is a lot of holy places in khatu shyam ji  such as Shyam Kund ,Shyam Bagichi,

Gourishankar Temple. You find it at here :  Around the Khatu shyam ji temple .

 Q.  :  9  How can I find accommodation, hotels, dharamsala in khatu shyam ji ?

Ans :  There is a large arrangment of accommodation in khatu village . There is lot of hotels , seva mandals, dharamsala and vishram gharah.   View more...

 Q. : 10  What Is the timing of opening  and  closing the khatu shyam ji temple. ?

Ans :  Shyam Baba temple and worship timing you can find on this page .Khatu Shyam ji Temple Timing

 Q. : 11  Can I worship god khatu shyam ji online ?

Ans :  Sorry , At current It is not possible for us  . But in Future We Give this facility where you workship of Lord Shyam Baba.

 Q . : 12   Which is the main festival of khatu shyam ji ?

Ans :  The Phalguna Mela is the Main festival in Khatushyamji, It occurs in the month of Phalguna, Dashami to Dwadashi ( the 10th to 12th days), just 3–4 days before the great Indian festival Holi. A large crowd visit here from across India to enjoy a sight of Baba Shyam idol. Great singers from across all over the country come here to perform bhajans on this holy occasion.  View more...

 Q . : 13  What is nishan and what role in khatu town   ?

Ans :  It is believed that your wishes are granted if you offer a Nishan at the temple. Nishan is a triangular flag of a particular size, made of cloth, which is hoisted on a bamboo stick. It is carried in one hands while covering the route from Ringas to Khatu on foot. Nishans are offered in millions during the Falgun Mela, and it is a site to see.

 Q.:14 Which one the Famous name of Khatu Shyam ji ?

Ans : Khatu Shyam ji has very long Famous name list. but most famous are :

Hare Ka Shahara., Sheesh ke dani, Leele Ka Aswar , Morwinandan Shyam , Shyam Bihari , Lakhdatar

And View More Shyam baba Names 

Q.:14  What is the number of Khatu shyam Mandir commity ?

Ans :  The Khatu shyam Mandir commity number is : 01576- 231482, 01576-231182

Q.:15   Mail us to gain information about other query ?

Ans :   email :

 Q.:16  Which are the main Hotels in khatu shyam ji Sikar ?

Ans :  There are main 4 Famous Hotels in Khatu Shyam ji . Hotel Natraj, Hotel Mauri , Hotel Kavita and Hotel Shyam . Know more about  khatu shyam ji hotels 

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