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There are some  hotels , a large no. of Dharamshalas and Vishram Grihas (VG) fully equipped with boarding and lodging facilities. These are well maintained by various socio-religious organisations.

Some of them even have delux rooms with attached bathrooms, geysers, air-coolers and air- conditioners. The boarding is generally free of cost.

Following is the list of some of the prominent Dharamshalas or VGs in and around Khatu.


Dharamsala Name
Total Rooms
Phone Number
Shree Shyam Panchayati Vishram Sthal 312 01576 -231329
Shree Shyam Mitra Mandal (Kolkata ) 200 01576-231022
Shree Gadhvali Dharmasala Delhi 250 01576-231152
shree shyam Dharmasala Hariyana 200 01576-231045
Shree Shyam Prachar Mandal Rewadi 108 01576-231088
Shree Shyam Charitable Trust Jaipur 165 01576- 231146
Shree Shyam Satsang Mandal Mumbai 150 01576-231093
shree Shyam Baba Trust Kanpur 70 01576-231005
Shree Shyam Kala Bhawan Kolkata 63 01576-231081



 Besides these, hundreds of small and big boarding houses are there in and around Khatu.

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Note : Due to Heavy rush during the Falgun Mela, accomodation is very difficult. Thus one should arrange for pre-booking of the rooms by contacting the respective offices of these organisations.