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Holika Dahan Festival Timing in 2015

Holika Dahan is on 05 March 2015 Thursday

Holika Dahan Muhrta 2015 Timing

Holika Dahan Muhrta = 06:19 P.m to 08:48 P.m

Bhadra Punchha Timing = 05:36 to 06:56

Bhadra Mukha Timing = 06:56 to 09:09

Holika Dahan festival is celebrated in the memory of one of the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu name Prahalad . This festival is celebrated one day ago to Dhulandi (Rango ki Holi ). it comes on falguna shukla purnima (full moon day ).
 Holika Dahan Muhrta 2015 It is also called choti holi in some places. Choosing right Muhurta for Holika Dahan is more important . if we mistakes in this will not bring benefits of poojan and poojan become uncompleted .

Know Holika Dahan Story

There was once egoistic and considered himself God a demon king named Hiranyakashyap . He ordered everone to be worship of him without any doubt. But his son Prahlad refused his order and worshiped only his beloved Narayana (Lord Vishnu).

Hiranyakashyap tried many times to kill him but everytime lord Narayana saved his life and every time his dedication increased.

Once holika (Hiranyakashyap’s sister ) who had gotten the boon to never be burnt in the fire asked his brother for a chance . Hiranyakashyap was agree and soon in front of people she sat in blazing fire with Prahlad. But her evil desire , the boon was failed and she was burnt . Prahlad was chanting Narayana ,Narayana and he was saved by lord Vishnu . he came out without any injury . people saw this miracle in front of their eyes and they were also chanting Narayana Narayana in their heart .

After that this festival is celebrated in those memories .

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