Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
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Color Holi Celebration in Khatu Shyam Ji Temple

khatu shyam ji holi festival

Color holi one of the greatest festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Khatu shyam ji temple. It is festival of colors and love . It is the day for shyam bhakts to play colors with shri shyam baba and other bhakts.People who comes in falgun mela before 5 days ago ,stay to rejoice on Dhulandi . More than 1 lakh shyam bhakts give attendance in the shrine . They gather in the ground of temple , sings shyam bhajan and holi dhamal , They dance and play gulal ( Dry soft color ) to other shyam devotee.

Timing of khatu shyam ji temple on Dhulandi :

Holi Dhulandi with shyam baba khatu

The temple may be open in early morning around 6am. Shyam bhakts come and take the sight and play holi with shyam baba and inside the temple . this color program ends around 10 am after that mandir will be closed .

Bhandara in Shyam Bagichi :

aalu singh ji idol in shyam bagichi

At noon a bhandara is arranged in the memories of shri aalu sing ji maharaj in nearby shri shyam bagichi . a feast are arranged serve to shyam bhakts .

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