Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
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Shri Khatu Shyam Falgun Mela 2020 will be cebebrated from 27 Feb to 8 March 2020 .

Falgun Festival Mela Of Khatu Shyam ji :
The Falgun  Mela is the main festival in Khatushyamji, It occurs in the month of Phalguna (Feb / march), Asthami to Dwadashi ( the 8th to 12th days), just 5 days before the great Indian festival Holi.Nishan Yatra A large number of devotee  visit here from across India to take a sight of Baba Shyam Sheesh (Head) . Famous singers from across all over the country come here to perform bhajans on this Falgun Mela (Festival). These Days Khatu Dham is a Center of Devotion. Every where Shyam bhakts Chant Jai Jai Shri shyam on the Way.

It is also called Nishyan Yatra. means holy journey to Shyam baba with  shyam baba flags (Nishan).Almost all  Devotee of shyam baba starts foot Journey from Ringus to Khatu Dham . Ringus is a town at situated 19 km from khatu Dham .Khatu Dham 2013 Devotee purchase Nishan (Flag) and starts their journey to khatu dham . During this 19 km journey they enjoy full with Chants of shri shyam , Dance on Dj and bhajan Sandhya . Some Devotee Play with colors Gulal on the way. Many Shyam Bhaktas supply food to pedestrians in the shade of tents. They encourage also to complete their journey with full enthusiasm. They enjoy this occasion as the marriage of Khatu Shyam ji . People enjoy the mela by purchasing various things. On Dwadashi (= 12th day of month), Bhog is being prepared as Baba s Prasadi of Kheer, Churama.

Special arrangements for security are made to control the crowd. Around 40 Lakh people visit in five days of this holy mela in this small village. To briefly see Baba Shyam s idol, a very tight security is made with the help of bamboo fence around 10 kilometres .

In 2011, 15 Lakh people visited the Shyam ji Mandir on this Satrangi Falgun mela 2011. 4 Lakh Devotee Present Shyam Nishan to Khatu Shyam ji at this occasion.

In 2012 , 25 Lakh people visited the khatu Shyam ji Mandir on this Satrangi Falgun mela 2012. 12 Lakh Devotee Present Shyam Nishan to Khatu Shyam ji at this occasion.

In 2013 , 35 Lakh people visited the Khatu Shyam Temple on this Satrangi Falgun mela 2012. 17 Lakh Devotee Present Shyam Nishan to Khatu Shyam ji at this occasion.

Barbarika is worshiped as Shyam, being Krishna himself. Therefore, the flavour of the festivities reflects the playful and vibrant nature of Krishna. The festivals of Shyam Janmotshav (kartik shukal paksh ekadashi )  ,Krishna Janmaashtami, Jhool Jhulani Ekadashi, Holi and Vasant Panchami are celebrated with gusto in the temple.

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