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17 Jan 2019 Poush Putrda Ekadashi Darshan 18 Dec 2018 Mokshda Ekadashi Darshan 19 Nov 2018 देव उठनी एकादशी दर्शन श्याम बाबा जन्मोत्सव कार्तिक शुक्ल एकादशी 20 Oct 2018 Papankushi Ekadashi darshan JalJhulni Ekadashi 2018 Shyam Darshan Janmashtmi Festival 2018 22 Aug 2018 Shyam Darshan मुंडरु श्याम बाबा का सबसे प्राचीन मंदिर


The is a nonprofit religious organization dedicated to spreading the religious teachings of Lord krishan & Shyam baba as taught in the Scaand Puran & Bhagavad Gita . The carries out a number of social and religious activities, some of which are as follows:

Give a general donation to support and allow us to use the funds where they are needed most

  • Maintenance of Khatu shyam ji Website
  • Religious Education Online
  • Spreading Hindu Religion Glory Worldwide
  • Celebration of Religious Festivals
  • Bhog Prasad To Khatu Shyam ji
  • Providing Services to 1 Crore Bhakts Daily From Khatu Shyam Ji (Shyam Baba) Facebook Page

Our Future Plans

  • Live Web Casting From Khatu Shyam ji Temple
  • Distribution Of Religious Books
  • Contribution In Shyam Baba Temple
  • Making Glorious Videos Of Shyam baba and Other Deity

  • Utilization of Donations 100% of all donations go directly towards the specified purpose designated by you. You can mail us to inform us at or contact us +91-8559990152

    If you would like to help with any of the above activities, or would like to contribute towards a specific project, Please use


    Shyam Sarkar : Mere Nam Par Khuch Arpan karke to Dekh Tujhe Sab Arpan Na Kar Du to Kahna......

    Donation via Cheque / Demand Draft (D.D.) / Money Order /Bank Transfer



    Favour to : Nirmal Kumar Sharma 
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    Bank Name CANARA Bank
    IFSC Code CNRB0003379

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    donation by paytm  
    Donate through paytm at this Mobile Number :

    855 999 0152 (Nirmal Sharma)


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