Khatu shyam ji Shyam Baba
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falgun mela festival 2014

Khatu Shyam ji Falgun Festival 2014 News From Khatu Dham .

Shri Khatu Shyam ji Falgun Mela is starting from 9 march to 13 march 2014. In this festival main ekadashi is on 12 march Wednesday and Dwadashi is on 13 march Thursday.

Khatu shyam ji 2014 falgun mela

How journey starts

Most of Shyam Bhakts started their journey from their home to khatu shyam ji temple to take the awesome sight of shyam baba . most of bhakts are reaching first ringas town from roadways ,railways and then after taking bath and worshiping Nishan , start pedestrian journey to khatu dham .

On the Way

On the way of Ringus to khatu they are walking with the DJ , Music party and chanting name of shyam baba . They perform dance in this pad yatra journey .

Social Shyam Groups Seva Mandal in falgun festivals

In this 18 km way many social groups are providing services to them . like medical services , food shelter services . social groups and organizations consider every shyam bhakt a part of shyam baba and serve best to best of them . They serve shyam bhakt medicines , fruits , lassi , milk ,tea , fast food, biscuit , water without any cost. On this way every 10 min distance we can found a social seva mandal for serving .

Chants for Shyam baba

In this way whole path is holy sound as jai shree shyam , shyam pyare ki jai , lakhdaatar ki jai , Morvi ke laal shyam sarkaar ki jai , Leeke ke ashwar ki jai

Every age person even children or aged people enjoy the holy journey of shyam pyare .

Shri khatu shyam ji mandir committee arrange in this 18 km way a 18 km carpet to walking and special lights in the night .

This is a miracle sight .wow……I love it and everyone love it when they feel it .

After reaching khatu dham in Falgun mela

After reaching khatu dham shyam bhakt are divided in lines which can take 7 to 8 hour depending on the number of bhkats .Shyam mandir comitee , police and some private volunteers arrange good arrangement to control the shyam bhakts . After talking sight of shyam baba people can stay in dharmsala and enjoy the kirtan and bhajan of shyam ji khatu wale .

Khatu Mandir Decoration Falgun mela 2014

In Falgun Festival at khatushyamji mandir comitee decorated the temple in sky blue looks. Temple is above surrounded by blue clouds in where many hindu deity are blessings shyam bhakts those are in queue and waiting for darshan.

Daily Darshan khatu shyam ji

falgun mela 2014 mandir Images